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Dentoni's philosophy of success:
Any Where, Any Time, Any Kind.

No matter the location, the time of day, or the nature of the problem, Dentoni's is dedicated to delivering service to the customer. Throughout the years, Dentoni's has eagerly handled the toughest jobs - or the jobs nobody else wanted to touch.

Join this commitment to solving a customer's problem to the unrelenting hard work of three Dentoni generations, then add innovative thinking on how to better serve the customer, and you have the secret to Dentoni's phenomenal growth and success.

The drive to the top position that Dentoni's holds in California's San Joaquin Valley was started in 1960 by the father-and-son team of Jack Francis and David B. Dentoni. Both welders by trade, they opened the doors to their own business in a modest facility at 801 South Airport Way in Stockton. Today, more than 50 years later, welding is still a Dentoni specialty. And, it is still performed in the same building. But, the original shop is now the cornerstone of Dentoni's large complex that spreads across thousands of square feet and encompasses eight buildings.

After the death of Jack in 1963, another Dentoni team took over - son Dave, who focused on expanding the operation, and his wife Donna, who concentrated on financial and administrative matters. With both very adept in their chosen business rolls, the company grew over the next 21 years. It was also during that time that Dave and Donna grew a family - and future members to the Dentoni business team.

In 1982, David B. Dentoni II joined the company, and worked with his Dad in developing the business of Dentoni's Spring and Suspension, which had been opened in 1980 at the company's Stockton headquarters on South Airport Way. Success at the first shop led to the 1987 opening of a second at 6941 Florin Perkins Rd. in Sacramento, one-hour's drive north on 1-5 from Stockton. It is at the Sacramento branch that another son, Mark, is involved, having joined the family business in 1986.

Since the start, Triangle and Flagg products have been Dentoni's major spring and suspension parts lines. As Dave II says, "When we decided to get into spring and suspension repairs, all of the other suppliers wouldn't talk to us. They thought we were a fly-by-night operation. But, Triangle saw us as a going-concern and was supportive. Plus, it had just opened the Fontana facility, which gave us local inventory access and service. Because Triangle had faith and confidence in us, we've been loyal to Triangle."

Over the past 15 years, Dentoni's Spring & Suspension has not only proved to be a going-concern but a significantly growing one as well in types of repairs, in geographic reach, and in the number of regular customers from owner operators through prominent fleets.

Today, Dentoni's capabilities and skills in service and repair span the entire undercarriage of trucks, tractors and trailers, including springs and suspensions, brake systems, rear axle assemblies, wheel alignments, frame straightening and extensions. It not only performs the work at its facilities, but has mobile vehicles equipped for trailer repairs, rebushings, alignment and welding at the customers' locales.

Additionally, seven outside salesmen for Dentoni's heavy duty business in both Stockton and Sacramento travel within a 180-mile radius of the two cities to help solve the problems and respond to the needs of existing and new customers. The company's knowledge of, and experience with, trailers, coupled with its expert skills in welding and machining also led it to establish a Trailer Shop equipped with a drop-dock in 1991. Within the enclosed structure, Dentoni's can repair and/or replace major components and sub-assemblies (e.g. landing gear, kingpins, and air and electrical systems), as well as refurbish the entire trailer, including roof and skin repairs; complete interior retrofits of side posts, top and bottom rails, nose rail, rear door frame, and flooring; and roll-up or swing door replacement or repair. And, as an added service, Dentoni's will pick up customers' trailers within a 40-mile radius with its own tractor.

The quality and craftsmanship of the work have earned Dentoni's Trailer Shop the status of authorized repair stop for numerous nationwide accounts. In addition, it is an authorized repair station for Wabash Trailers and for Wabash warranty service.

Throughout the years, in addition to working on heavy duty Class 6 through 8's, and on the semi-trailers, Dentoni's was also doing service and repairs on pickups and 4x4's, owned by the truck drivers as well as the farmers in this major agricultural center of the State. With the volume of work on the Class 1 and 2's ever increasing, Dentoni's decided a separate building was required to continue providing quality attention to, and servicing of, the smaller trucks. Thus was born Dentoni's Custom Truck Works in 1990 with Dan Dentoni, the third son to join the business, taking over management of the operation in that year. Featuring a retail-oriented product display room to increase sales through add-on purchases, the facility has three bays, in which nine pickups can be simultaneously worked on. In addition to traditional spring and suspension service and repair, the vehicles can be equipped with truck racks, bed liners, tool boxes, chromed wheels, power tires and winches.

The Custom Truck Works also has an outside salesman calling on pickup and 4x4 dealers to provide them with modified floor models and/or outfitting purchased vehicles with the accessories the customers want.

What the customers want. That's what Dave, Donna, Dave II, Mark and Dan Dentoni are focused on in every area of their business. And that's why Dentoni's is at the top in California's San Joaquin Valley!

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