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Roll Off Truck and Trailer Manufacturing
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Air Fittings
Build and Install
Air Systems
Couplers, Fittings
Glad Hands, Hoses
Tanks, Valves
Truck - Trailer - Auto
Electrical Repairs
and Rewiring Services
L.E.D Lights on Hand!
U-Joints, Yolks, C.V. Joints
Carrier Bearings, U-Joints
Driveline Rebuilding
Machine Shop Service
Shaft Turning
Boring / Honing
Metric Threading
Mills, Punching, Lathes, Press,
Forming, Drill Press,
Hydraulic Cylinders,
Driveline Balancing,
Repair - Rebuild
Shorten or Lengthen

Any Vehicle
Any Application
Repair and Make
We Even Balance Drivelines

Hydraulic Cylinders
Repair and Make
Air Cylinders
Repair and Make
Commercial / Industrial
Ranching / Farming
Drivelines, Shorten or Lengthen,
Hydraulic Cylinders
Repair and Make
Foreign / Domestic
Cars - Trucks - RV's

Parts and Components
Bearings, Seals,
U-Joints, Studs, O-RIngs,
Tubing, End Yolks, Sprockets,
Carrier Bearings
On Hand
Foreign and Domestic
120 Ton Press
If You Really
Need the Push!

Drill Press Capability
Thick / Thin
Big / Small
Standard / Metric

Drill Press
Bore and Ream
Steel Shaft Threading
Standard / Metric
Mills / Lathes
Presses / Shears
Brakes / Drills
No Job Too Small!
No Job Too Big!
Machine Shop Services
We Will Build
Or Repair
For Over 45 Years!
Hydraulic Systems
Hoses, Fittings,
Valves, Tanks
Air Systems
We Can Build Anything You Need, Want or Dream